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Brands like Nuxe are balancing new travel-exclusive products with traditional sales of minis and travel sets. They’re also using data insights, including knowing where customers are coming from and going to, to align staff and product.

Lagardere Travel Retail

Lagardere Travel Retail is a leading travel and shopping company with a unique position in the industry. Through strategic acquisitions and partnerships, it has established a strong presence in media (books and e-publishing, board games), travel essentials (duty free and fashion) and foodservice. The group also owns a range of well-known international brands (Paris Match, Le Journal du Dimanche, JDD Magazine, Europe 1, RFM and Elle brand licence).

The Group has a total turnover of more than €3 billion and employs 27,400 employees. The Group’s activities are organized into three divisions: Publishing, Travel Essentials and Foodservice, which operate in more than 260 airports, railway stations and other concessions worldwide.

During 2021, the group won important tenders in Europe for Duty Free and Foodservice stores at Dublin, Helsinki, Paris and Brussels airports as well as a new store at Lima airport in Peru. It also opened its first Discover concept store at Hong Kong and Singapore Changi airports, a new Longchamp boutique in Australia and new Aelia Duty Free stores in Brisbane and Adelaide airports.

Travelers have diverse needs that are unique to their location, time of day and journey stage. The group strives to meet these needs with innovative concepts that deliver exceptional experiences. In addition, the company focuses on promoting responsible and eco-conscious travel. For example, it has launched a sustainable shopping bag strategy that aims to reduce waste and stop the use of virgin plastic. It has also partnered with Reforest’Action and The SeaCleaners to further demonstrate its commitment to the environment.

In a rapidly changing retail landscape, the company’s goal is to continuously innovate and enhance its services. To achieve this, Lagardere Travel Retail uses data to improve collaboration between teams and provide better customer service. For example, it provides weekly reports on the performance of its website and advice on areas to optimize. The company also analyzes sales and traffic patterns to help identify potential issues.

Lagardere Travel Retail is a leader in the travel retail sector with its stores and concessions in airports, train stations and ports. It has more than 2,000 stores in 42 countries and a market presence in the U.S., Europe, China and beyond. In 2021, the group’s global turnover amounted to about 3 billion euros. While it was down compared to pre-pandemic levels, it still made good progress in a tough market.

The group is also investing in enhancing the digital capabilities of its points of sale. To do so, it is leveraging Cisco Meraki technology. The solution has enabled the group to simplify IT management, speed up network deployment and make configuration even more flexible. The system also helps to increase reliability and security of the network. As a result, Lagardere is more prepared to respond to rapidly changing business requirements and continue to provide exceptional services to travelers.

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